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Scissors are a very important part of your sewing kit. you should have several pair. I have 56 pair of scissors, 40 are for sewing. Now you don't need that many but you should have more than one, three or so is good. Too often I see people strugling with dull or loose scissors and that is niether helpful nor fun. If sewing is a task or ordeal it won't get done

one pair of scissors for each purpose, is a good rule of thumb. I go so far as to have a different pair for different kinds of fabric. like a couple each for cotton, linen, Silk, Wool, and felt. All the natural fibers put several unique demands on your scissors by the nature of those fibers weather a plant fiber, like cotton and linen, an protein filament like silk of a hair like wool and felt. Now when it comes to Leather I use some very special scissors, one blade is very sharp and the other is almost a right angle. it's like a razor slicing against an anvil. Furs are also demanding because they are a combination of hair and leather often I cut the none hair side with a knife. I can't say I hate the synthetic fabrics for I love a nice rayon and the plastic one hve thier uses as well but also have spacific cutting needs. Nylon, polyester and acytates have their own pairs of scissors in my colection as well. Having said all this I must conseed that with modern materials I doubt that any good pair of scissors can handel any of these marerials


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