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2007 November, 21
I have updated and rearanged the Picture Galleries
Tempus Peregrinator is my name in Tempus' SCA Weeb SiteThe Society for Creative Anachronism, The (SCA) is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to re-creating the best of the Mediaeval and Renaissance eras (600 C.E. to 1600 C.E.) We study and enjoy various arts and sciences, of the time, such as history, culture, music, dance, mock combat, archery, armouring, heraldry, embroidery, costuming, calligraphy, food & drink, and many more. Want to know more about living in what we call the current middle age, go to the Official SCA Web Site, www.sca.org, or my much smaller Tempus' SCA Weeb Site.

I lived in the Canton of Petrea Thule, which is found in the great Barony of Septentria, largest and most populace barony of the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Or you may know this place as Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

My start in the SCA was in October 1990. Shortly after moving here to Peterborough. I came here for the university, I stayed for the SCA. At that time I was already sewing and designing my clothes. In my high school days I made and whore a lot of clothes styled after those of the mid Eighteenth Century Garb. 1720 - 1750 was my favorite period, and in many ways still is today. Though even back then I liked Elizabethan Garb and made a couple doublets and bad pair of slops. Which was nice because I already had some nice garb for my first event. In fact it was at my first event that my SCA name was born. For I went to that event not knowing we needed to take our own dishes for feast and lunch. However I happened to live a block from the site, so I went home to get some dishes. I started the morning wearing a Toga & Tunica, which I'd made from a great David Sarvis book in my high school library. I figured that I could change my garb and returned to the event in a Bliaud like garment. Well a little after lunch I thought I could stand to change again, so I slipped away home and returned in a Cotehardie like garment. It wasn't a very good Cotehardie, uncomfortable, I didn't know about fitting them back then, and so I went home to change again. I spent the rest of the afternoon in an outfit like a Houppelande. For feast and court I whore my Elizabethan outfit. This all went over really well and it was great fun. Since I kind-of traveled through time that day and decided to keep doing so, we looked up "Time" in a latin/english dictionary and found Tempus. Peregrinator is the latin word for "Traveller" and thus was my SCA name found.

Tempus' SCA activities
The Arts:
Bardic Arts, Cooking, Costume & Accessories, Dance, Embroidery & Needlework, Glass working both Glass Blowing and Stained Glass, Knitting, Lace making, Macrame, Music, Sculpture, Spinning, Weaving
The Sciences:
Animal Husbandry, Bookbinding, Bowering, Brewing & Vinting, Ceramics & Pottery, Domestic Sciences (candle, soap making, etc.) Fletching, Leather working, Metalworking, Musical Instrument Manufacture, Paper making, Research, Stone carving, Wood Construction and Embellishment

Most people in the SCA have a persona. As well, the SCA is many things for most of us, but for me it was mostly about the GARB There persona usually reflect their historical interests, dreams or for convenience. I don't have any specific persona I am a cloths-horse. Making and wearing clothes is pretty much all I've done in the SCA, I also help others with cloths too. Well lets just say I do Garb.

Well I figured "I like to sew cool historic garb and dress-up than stand around and look pretty ... this could be a good group for me":o)

Archery is a fun activity into which I've thrown myself. I like to call it Twig-Tossing in the SCA, we use wooden arrows, I have a 45lb recurve bow and I was pretty good at tossing the twigs. Apart from all the clothing related stuff, there are many other things I do in the SCA.

I also tell stories and other bardic things. I'm a little famous for my story of The Great Canadian Wallpaper festival.

I have compiled a Picture Gallery of some of my garb and other SCA pictures. Thank you to the good people who gave me copies of the pictures they took of me in my garb :o)

Ealdormere is a very musical kingdom, we sing a lot. There is often singing at feast and some people would even say that we have many anthems. I have compiled a little collection of song lyrics, in My SCA Song Book.

Now about all these Weeb Sites about historic clothing When I first got my own Weeb connection in 1996, one of the first things I did was search for anything about the Landsknecht and the clothing from that time. I didn't find much, and not at all what I wanted. So now I have this Weeb Page for information about the Landsknechte and the times in which they lived. With, of course, an emphasis on the clothing of that time. Although my interests in clothing history extends to both male and female clothes, this page is mostly about men's wear. However there is some stuff for the ladies, but still there are

Go to The Real Landsknecht HomepageThe Real Landsknechte Homepage is a Weeb Page for information about the Landsknechten and the times in which they lived. With, of course, an emphasis on the clothing of that time. Although my interests in clothing history extends to both male and female clothes, this page is mostly about men's wear. However there is some stuff for the ladies, but still there are a lot of images.

After getting my Landsknechte Weeb Site up and running I decided to do it again for the Cotehardie and the Houppellande.

Go to The Cotehardie & Houpelande HomepageThe Cotehardie & Houppellande Homepage is dedicated to things about the construction and history of the Cotehardie and the Houppellande. The history of both and how the bubonic plague changed the one into the other. They started off as separate sites, but as there was increasingly more and more cross-referencing between them I decided that it would be easier to manage them together as one site. Since they are pretty much contemporaneous it's much better now. The Cotehardie was the first garment in history that was tailored. Did you know that a Cotehardie was usually worn under a Houppellande, more cool stuff about these garments are in the site, just click on the icon to the right.

It took me eight years of being in the SCA before I made myself a T-Tunic, but I learned a lot about them and helped many others make them. There are many interesting things that went on before the rise of the Cotehardie.

Go to Tempus Peregrinator's Early Period Garb Weeb SiteThe Early Period Garb Weeb Site is about the clothing that came before the Cotehardie. I often say that a T-tunic is a bag with sleeves and a hole for your head, and for the most part this is true. I'm not saying people walked around in old bags, there were many garments of note in this period. This Weeb Site is about the history and construction of the clothing worn before the Cotehardie. Some even survive the Houppellande, which came after the Cotehardie. So here you'll find some Norse (Viking) garb right up to the Bliaud, with a little Roman and Greece stuff too, but mostly a period roughly from AD 400 - 1300.

When I was young, My dad and I used to dress up in Great Kilts on weekends and go to a historic village near Fredericton NB called King's Landing

Looks at how to fold wear and store a Great KiltThe Great Kilt Weeb Page actually started when my dad retired, he started sewing kilts and he took a bunch of pictures of himself getting into a great kilt and then traced them. Then he drew them all together to make instructions of how to fold, wear and store a great kilt. This little weeb Page is basically that booklet.

By now sewing was playing such a big part of all the Weeb Site that I figured it would be a good idea to setup a sewing weeb site. So I merged my Cloak and Sleeves Weeb Sites together. Hats, leggings, shoes and shirts were added a bunch more sewing stuff and some general garb stuff, and turn it into another weeb Site.

Go to Tempus Peregrinator's Sewing & Garb Accessories SiteTempus's Sewing & Garb Accessories Weeb Site has a bunch of info to help you sew better and stuff like that. Currently it has stuff about making your own bias tape, cutting and sewing a key hole neck good for T-Tunics and the like. also hints to sewing cuffs and collars. I've made whole sites for sewing cloaks, sleeves, hats, leggings, shoes and fancy pants, there may be a regular pants one coming sometime in the future.

Long before I even heard of the SCA I loved Elizabethan Garb, so I thought I'd like to revisit that. So I started to expand on the period after Henry Tudor.

Go to Tempus Peregrinator's Elizabethan Garb SiteThe Elizabethan Garb Weeb Site was my attempt to return to the garb I loved first, I never could.

Well I had so many sites about different clothing from the past that I thought I could pull them together with a small hub Weeb Site

Historic Clothing and Garb SitesThe History of Clothing and Garb Weeb Site is predominantly a hub site to connect all this related clothing history stuff together. It has the additional advantage, since there are so many pictures and graphics in The Weeb Site this weeb page is also a hub gallery of all the garb drawings and pictures.

This is the badge of the Order of the Willow
Tempus Peregrinator's Awards and Honours
Award of Orion - 2007/06/02 A.S. XXX June, 2nd OC (Kingdom of Ealdormere) Award of Rank
Order of the Willow - 1995/07/01 A.S. XXX July, 1st OW (Middle Kingdom) Award of Rank
Awards of Arms - 1995/01/28 A.S. XXIX January, 28th AOA (Middle Kingdom)
Scroll of Honour - 1998/03/28 A.S. XXXII March, 28th SOH (Principality of Ealdormere)
Order of the Bear's Heart - 1997/04/12 A.S. XXXI April, 12th OBH (Barony of Septentria)
Award of the Bear's Claw - 2002/06/01 A.S. XXXVI June, 1st ABC (Barony of Septentria)


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